Advertising with Eidolon House is a great way to attract new customers, promote your blog, shop, or business, and build lasting relationships.

Ads are approximately 180X150 square and are $40 per month.  Ads run daily/monthly until the advertiser cancels the ad, or scheduled time-lines can be agreed upon at the time of ad placement.  Ads may run for 15 days for only $20. 

All advertisers will receive a full page article posted on Eidolon House blog featuring the company and product and/or service.  The article will be posted the same day the ad is placed on Eidolon House website.  The article link will be provided to the advertiser for their own additional social media placement.   

Email a GIF, TIFF, or JPG with click through URL to  Ads should not exceed 25kb. 

  • A click through URL is the website readers will be directed to when clicking on the ad.  The advertiser is responsible for maintaining a working URL.  Eidolon House does not guarantee click-through rates.

Eidolon House will design a 180x150 square ad for you if needed for an additional $50 fee.  The ad designed for you is yours!  I’ll email you the ad for your own future use.  (As of November 2015 monthly average monthly page visits are 13,416, and growing every day.)


For additional information call or email Jill at 814-842-7756 or