11 Fun Facts About Joe & Jill

No 1.  Joe's favorite book is too many to count.  Jill's favorite book is. . . magazines.

No 2.  Joe has eaten chicken heads.  Jill prefers safe options, particularly  Mac 'n Cheese.

No 3.  Joe speaks English, Spanish, and is learning French.  Jill Speaks English and her own language that only Joe and Jill's best girlfriend Melonie understand.

No 4.  Joe and Jill own their own firearms and enjoy shooting.

No 5.  Joe and Jill have 11 children:  3 humans, 3 cats, 4 rabbits, and 1 dog. 

No 6.  Joseph is an Eagle Scout and a Master Mason.  Jill was in Girl Scouts once when she was a kid. 

No 7.  Joe and Jill's favorite store is Home Depot.

No 8.  Joe loves Thai and Indian food.  Jill never tried either until she married Joe. 

No 9.  Joseph plays the piano and guitar.  Jill took piano lessons as a child and guitar lessons in college, but she prefers to listen to Joe play.

No 10.  Joe loves brewing and making ginger beer and craft sodas.  Jill loves Coke. 

No 11.  Joe and Jill were married in a Masonic Temple, and they wrote their own ceremony. 

And that's a bit about us!