Crossing the Bench Lately: Bookplates, Leather Bindings, Book Repair

We've been keeping busy here at Eidolon House and we're loving it!  Take a look at some of the beautiful projects that have crossed our bench recently. 

Leather letterpress ex libris.       

Leather letterpress ex libris.


This a custom bookplate we designed and print for a client of ours.  Bookplates are special way to keep tradition alive, and leave your mark on rare books and special collections.


1876 Book of Mormon Rebinding

1876 Book of Mormon Rebinding

An 1876 Book of Mormon.  A rebinding in calf with hand-embroidered end bands and extensive gold tooling.  This was a fun project; gold tooling is something we love doing!


richard cont.jpg

This is a clamshell enclosure for a copy of Richards' Compendium, tooled to match the book.  The hand tooling detail on the cover was a fun challenge and turned out beautiful.


Uncle Tom's Cabin.jpg

This is a great before and after of Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beacher Stowe.  Conserving your books will only help them last longer, and stay beautiful for years to come.


Reids book.jpg

Machu Picchu: A Travel Journal.  Calf binding with cuir cisele and gold stamping.  This is a small book we formatted, edited, printed and bound for a friend.  The cuir cisele boarder on the cover is a specific Peruvian design.


EH Bookplate.JPG

This is our latest bookplate design especially for Eidolon House!  We've had it made into a die for printmaking projects coming soon!  I love how well  this design captures the spirit of creativity, known as Eidolon!