Sleep Once You're Dead. . .

I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who coined the phrase, " There will be plenty of time to sleep once you're dead."  I hear this phrase quoted often, and lately I feel like this quote is my reality; except I'm not staying up late re-inventing the light bulb.  For the past few weeks I have had the absolute hardest time falling asleep at night.   

Napping kitties.jpg

Then there's this. . . my cute little animals snoring away without a care in the world, cozy and warm snuggled up together.  River is dreaming about catching small rodents and insects, while Willow dreams about redecorating the ultimate window-seal to perch on.  I watch them sleep and I find myself feeling envious.   

Napping puppy.jpg

And this guy, really does snore, and since being groomed last week, is freezing in our 75 degree apartment, so he insists on snuggling up as close as he can between Joseph and me.  Whats even more funny; he has his own chair with blankets and a dog bed, but he insists on sleeping with us, and therefore is the biggest bed hog.  Maybe I'll try Raz's bed tonight.  

Lucky for me, when I do finally crash, I have a sweet husband who lets me catch up on my Zs.