Fishes in and out of Water

Our children arrived late Friday night (8/9), and were looking forward to spending Saturday at the pool.  Our children live in Wyoming with their mother where the weather is a good 20 degrees cooler than our warm Texas summer heat, their first observation was how warm it is here.  We ended up spending seven hours at the pool Saturday!  We're all sufficiently sunburned and Joe no longer has body hair or skin on his legs and shoulders after hours of his children hanging on him, dragging him around the pool, tirelessly trying to "capsize" him and me, jumping off his shoulders, diving for the "ring of power" (mason jar ring), and playing shark and minnows.   

The picture below is my favorite picture capturing our day:  Diego jumping off Joe's shoulders and Macsen dragging Krista around the pool.  

pool day 3.jpg

We're all tired and our skin has been more than kissed by the sun, however, I think we'll be back at the pool today!