Paper Marbling Extravaganza Indeed

This week Joseph and I were asked to marble paper for a project of a friend of ours.  We knew the request was out of our depth and before accepting the challenge to marble paper to specifications (that to this day we haven't met), we suggested that our friend seek out others in the marble paper world.  However, our friend was persistent and so we have been marbling paper like it's going out of style for the past couple of days.  Alas, I'm putting the paint away; we have dinner guests coming over today, and I need my dining room table back.  We ended up with well over 50 unique marbled papers!  I've put a few on our  Etsy shop, that a look HERE.  I wish these photos had better resolution; these pictures don't show just how rich the colors are! 


I have a feeling we'll break out the paints sooner rather than later and marble more beautiful designs and patterns; it's quite addicting.