Crossing the Bench Lately: Brass Engraving, Mini Books

On Monday Joseph and I spent all day and most the night working on our individual projects.  One nice thing about having your own business at home is setting your own hours, we're not bound by standard business hours; sometimes once you begin a project, you can't stop until you've finished.  This may require you to work past five o'clock.   

Happenings 2.jpg

Joseph is building an enclosure for a first edition copy of The Time Machine.  This was the first science fiction book ever written!  Joseph engraved this symbol on brass, the brass piece will be placed on the cover of the enclosure.  A fun fact about this symbol:  Joseph adapted it from an episode of one of our favorite science fiction shows, the longest running science fiction show today actually called Doctor Who.  If you're a true Whovian you may recognize parts of this engraving, it's adapted from Doctor Who's pocket watch.  All symbols on this enclosure revolve around time travel.       

Happenings 1.jpg

The dealer we're making this enclosure for told Joseph to have fun with it, and so Joseph is having fun!  He's designed the most beautiful enclosure that will represent the book properly.  I can't wait to show you the finished product when Joseph is finished! 

Happenings 3.jpg

I've been working on my own projects, I have about 4 or 5 different projects in the hopper right now.  I'm having fun experimenting with my creativity.  Joseph taught me how to sew signatures together, and Monday he taught me how to properly bind and cover the text blocks. 

Happenings 4.jpg

To be honest this isn't the first time Joseph has taught me how to bind a book.  Last year at Restoration Books Joseph gave a small workshop on binding books.  I made a beautiful journal, but I decided to give it away.  It might be bad luck to keep your very first book. 

Happenings 5.jpg

These little beauties are just over an inch in size.  I had fun tooling the books, although a couple didn't turn out how I planned; with more practice I'll learn how to be more comfortable tooling the books.  

Happenings 6.jpg

These little cuties are just under an inch in size!  These were really fun to make.  Again the tooling was the most fun!  I'm happy these little books turned out pretty good.  My plan its to turn these little sweeties into necklaces.