Hello friends!  Joseph and I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend and happy Monday!  We spent the weekend working and being sick at the same time.  Joseph came down with something of the flu last week; he was nice to share his influenza with me this week. ;)  It was bound to happen; we're never apart, so it's no surprise that when one of us gets sick, so does the other.  

We still managed to get a lot of work done and have some fun regardless of our headaches, fever chills, and blurred vision.  We spoiled ourselves by going to Barnes and Noble on Saturday (we went on a low fever temp; hopefully we didn't spread our sickness).  We needed some retail therapy to help us feel better, so in true artisan style, we didn't buy new shoes and I didn't buy a new purse, we bought books!  We picked up these beauties!  

weekend 9-15.jpg
weekend 2 - 9-15.jpg

Fall is almost here so it's time to break out the knitting needles and crochet hooks!  I found mine after buying more, so now Joe and I each have our own set!  Joseph has a passion for blacksmithing, and we have plans for a great workshop at our next house:  It's never too early to start planning, The Backyard Blacksmith book was necessary.    

weekend 3 - 9-15.jpg

We sewed over 25 text blocks for blank books this weekend.  The holidays are on their way and we need to fill our   ETSY shop with inventory don't you think?  Each book takes about five hours to make; regardless of the size, the process is the same.  We have about five bound in leather so far!  Restoration and conservation is our bread and butter so to speak; I'm interested to see how selling our blank books will work out and see if it's worth our time.  The picture above is a text block sewn with raised cords; it's for a uniquely bound journal called a "Girdle" book and will look something like THIS when it's finished.  More on the Girdle book later.    

Have a great week!