Courage with a Grateful Heart

With Summer coming to an end in just a few weeks, Joseph and I have been planning our Fall schedule:  Book and Paper shows to attend, art competitions to enter, inventory to design and make, restoration and clamshell enclosures to carry on, etc.

Fall always brings a certain comfort to my soul; I begin to reflect more deeply about all the blessings in my life, and the feeling of gratitude always fills the atmosphere around me.  Today while writing out our Fall season business plan, I couldn't help but feel grateful for my loving husband and our partnership. 

This year we have shelled out a great deal of courage by leaving behind everything familiar and secure; our home, our families, and our friends.  Moving away, on the surface, seems like so much fun, even an adventure!  In reality the past four months have been a test of faith, a lot of planning, hard work, constant worry, and facing oh so many insecurities and fears. 

Dropping one life to start a completely new one hasn't been the easiest challenge for Joseph and me.  Today I can't help but be grateful for the support Joseph and I have for each other, for the confidence we have in ourselves, for the courage it took for us to chase our dreams. 

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not the absence of fear."  - Mark Twain