Enjoying Texas on the Last Day of 2013!

Joseph and I rarely take time off, which is to be expected in our first year of business; however if we don't take a little time away from the studio we'll go crazy!  We took today to enjoy the cool, but sunny weather and went to our favorite state park close to home; Ray Roberts. 

We were practically the only ones there, which was awesome!  A few of the camp grounds were closed for winter months, but the majority of the park was still open, even the restrooms!  The closure winter months posted at the park were December - February, this made me happy; in Northern Utah camp grounds and most state parks are closed between Labor Day and Memorial Day. 

We took a couple sandwiches with us to the park and enjoyed a picnic at the beach.  We saw several doe deer, and one beautiful four point buck.  As we drove into the park, along side of the road, there were several trees loaded with resting buzzards.  I have never seen that many large birds perched together in one place.  The birds were quite beautiful, but at the same time, the sight of them all together was frightening.

The best part about our day was non-stop conversation about politics, religion, stories from each others past, and plans for our future! 

Here are some pictures of our beautiful day; the last day of 2013!


Let 2014 begin!