Crossing the Bench: Rebindings, Restoration, Clamshell Boxes, and Leather Jewelry.

Joseph has been busy rebinding and restoring beautiful books as usual.  We love working on the variety of awesome books our clients collect; everything from dental tracts and family journals, to the usual religious books on theology and such.  

Joseph has made beautiful custom clamshell enclosures lately too!  He's made a couple for 19th C. thumb bibles, and a beautiful copy of a Book of Mormon in the Deseret Alphabet. 

I've been playing around with more leather jewelry designs, and I'm really enjoying it.  I've evaluated all of the projects I've been working lately, and I love all of them:  Making stationary, crocheting, marbling paper, and leather work. I have to say my favorite is marbling paper and crocheting, but leather jewelry is working it's way to the top of my list. 

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