Product Review: Hand-Marbled & Letterpress Necklaces

I've had the idea to make necklaces out of our hand-marbled paper for quite some time now.  It's just taken a while to find the perfect pendents to fit our beautiful papers just as I'd like. 

Marbled paper is really fun to make; each piece turns out different, and absolutely beautiful!  Out of all the creative things I've learned how to do in the past few years, marbling paper is in the top three of my favorite creative endeavors.  Because I know the work and patience needed to make marbled paper, I will not waste one little piece!  This is when I came up with making necklaces.  Last year I made Christmas cards and mini note books out of marbled paper, and while I was cutting up the paper, I noticed more veins and valley's within the papers, and vowed not to waste any of it!    

Letterpress never goes out of style, so a few necklaces are also stamped with ampersands and decorative stamps.  Our website is fully stocked with a variety of these beauties!  I loved making these, and hope you enjoy them!

View our Large Marbled and Letterpress Statement necklaces HERE!

View our Medium Marbled and Letterpress necklaces HERE!

View our Small Marbled and Letterpress necklaces HERE!