Frequently Asked Questions!

We've added a new FAQ tab to our website (HERE), as a way to help out new inquiring customers learn more about our company.  I've listed the FAQs below; feel free to ask more questions if I haven't answered them for you below! 


Q - How do I pronounce the name of your company?

A - Eidolon is pronounced like this:  Eye-dough-lawn, emphasis on the Eye. 

Q - Is it worth it to repair my bible or special book?

A - If your bible or special book is modern, "worth" depends on your emotional attachment to it.  Usually it is less expensive to buy a new bible or version of your special book, however, you'll want to determine the sentimental value of the book and the value of it to your family.  Some books are priceless depending on the sentimental value, and therefore conservation and stabilization is worth it!

Q - Can you tell me the value of my rare or antique book?

A - We can give you a rough estimate, but we do not give official appraisals.  We can put you in-touch with trustworthy professional appraisers though, if you need one.  Official appraisals are beneficial for insurance purposes, and if you need help determining the resell value, or the justification for conservation and restoration work.  More often than not rare book values do go up after conservation and/or restoration.  (Although in the book world many sellers won't tell you this, they would rather buy your book as is, then fix it up and re-sell it for more money; something to think about when you're asking around about the value of your book.)

Q - How do I know if my book is rare or antique?

A - There is no across-the-board answer, but simply put a books rarity is determined by its scarcity, age, and demand by collectors.

Q - What is the difference between Conservation and Restoration?

A - Conservation aims to stabilize an object and prevent further deterioration.  Restoration aims to return the object to it's former state, or original condition.

Q - Yours is a home-based business; are my books as safe there as at a brick and mortar store?

A - In reality your books are far safer here at our home; when the shop closes we're still here watching over your books.  When your books are not being worked on, they are in a fire and water proof safe. 

Q - I love your work, but I don't know you just yet, and I'm not quite comfortable going to your home.

A - Not a problem!  We're more than happy to meet you anywhere you'd like; our home, your home, or a corner cafe. 

Q - I don't live near you, can we still collaborate?

A - Absolutely!  We have clients from all around the country!  We work through the mail, over the phone, facetime/Skype, and we don't mind traveling, we're no stranger to road trips!

Q - I want to pay my invoice with Pay Pal, can I?

A - Yes, of course you can.  I'm happy to email you a PayPal invoice for restoration or services at your request.  (Our PayPal account email is,  Our online web-store for hand-crafted goods is a little tricky.  Our commerce site isn't set up to collaborate with PayPal, but we do accept all major credit cards.  If you're still uncomfortable paying with a credit card for your online purchases, I don't mind placing the order through email exchange.  Send me an email with the product description and sku number of the item you'd like, and I'll email you a PayPal invoice!