Crochets & Knits

I am so happy and kind of proud that we're making custom fedoras and other items for our customers now!  Eidolon House has always been more than restoration and book binding.  We make other fine hand-crafted goods such as; crochet and knit scarfs, blankets, infinity scarfs, neck ties, and hats!  Some of these products can be purchased through our Etsy shop HERE!  You're welcome to email us and request a custom item you've been wanting too!  (

I love sharing fun patterns and tips too!  If you got some, lets share them!

Crocheting and knitting is much more fun when we're making for someone else! 

Most of our products are made using mixed blends of acrylic yarn to keep costs down, but you're welcome to request any kind of yarn you want (wool, blended wool, cotton).  Here are the different colors of acrylic yarn we use (Lion Brand)!