A Day of Graveyards and Wax Rubbings!

Spring time in Texas is absolutely beautiful!  Today the sun was shinning and warm, with a light breeze blowing.  It was a perfect day to be outside exploring, so we took some time and went for a drive to find a few old graveyards, eleven to be exact. 

Old headstones have the coolest symbols and engravings on them, and our society really only leaves behind gravestones when we pass on.  Think about it:  We find evidence of ancient people and ruins all the time, but what will future generations find of us?  The Pyramids will still be around I'm sure, but what of my generation?  A Kindle or iPad maybe?

Our day job is conservation and restoration of antique books and very old documents, so it shouldn't be a huge surprise to anyone that we think old graveyards are really cool, and we think it's important to take a few prints from those old headstones, and it's pretty fun too!

Take a look for yourself!

The sun started to go down and so we headed home!

We hope y'all had a fabulous Monday!