Summer To-Do List. . .

We are excited for Summer here at Eidolon!  We're so excited we've made a small to-do list this year to ensure we include some fun time in between work time. 

#1 - Take a drive through the sunflower fields in the Ennis Texas area.  Last year Joseph and I were exploring and came upon several fields of sunflowers, but they were already dying when we came upon them.  This year will be different!

#2 - Spend as much time as possible at our favorite State Park, Ray Roberts!  Camp fires, beach time, and fun in the lake will be a common occurrence!

3# - We have a few personal binding projects that have been sitting on the back burner that we want to make time for.  We usually feel guilty when we take time for ourselves in the studio, and that has got to change, don't you think? 

#4 - Printmaking!

#5 - Crocheting!

#6 - Spend some time on "The Third Coast", better known as the Gulf Coast. 

I think this is a pretty good start, don't you? 

What is on your Summer agenda this year?