Wildflowers, the Heat, and a Wheelchair: Confessions of an Amputee

We almost hit 100 degrees today!  I've never liked being hot but heat never really bothered me until my amputation, or should I say until I started wearing a prosthetic leg.  The type of prosthetic I wear requires a suspension sleeve which requires suction to my skin to stay on.  When I sweat the suction breaks and my leg slips off.  I found out about this one summer day while shopping at Target back in Utah.  I almost fell and it was rather painful to walk on a lose fitting prosthetic leg. 

For sometime I felt that taking off my prosthetic and using my wheelchair would be like taking a step back.  I worked so hard to learn how walk with a prosthetic leg, and the pain I went through to stand on my stump was excruciating.  All of this hard work helped me deal with the trauma of losing my leg, but at the same time, because I love being outdoors and doing anything that might break a sweat causes me to lose my leg, I end up still dealing with my amputation.  

I talked with my husband a few times about using my wheelchair more so I don't have to deal with my leg falling off, so today that's just what we did!  We had a blast at the Oak Park Preserve in Plano, not far from where we live.  It was hot outside and it felt so good to not have to worry about stopping every 10 minutes to dry out my leg.  We took  beautiful pictures of amazing wildflowers; we saw ducks and turtles too!  

All of the sudden a whole list of hikes and parks to visit have opened up to us and I don't care it's hot outside either!


Next on my Christmas list?  A Quickie brand wheelchair made for the outdoors!

My partner in crime, my perfect match, my rock, and the only person I want with me everywhere I go!  Thank goodness he likes having me around too!

We hope you're not getting tired of all our wildflower pictures and we hope y'all had a great Monday!