A Peek Into What's Coming: September 23!

September 23 is not only my brother's birthday, it's the first day of Fall this year, and it's the day we're launching the re-opening of our online shop!  Currently we sell a bit of this and that on our ETSY shop, but this fall we're going to re-open our shop here on our website! 

Between restoration and other commissioned projects we've been designing, testing, and piloting new handmade goods, and we're excited with how everything is coming together!

We've been marbling like crazy people the past few weeks, and I've been wanting to try hand marbling leather for quite sometime.  I've seen a few leather marbled products out there that look so awesome, but the marbled designs are printed on the leather.  I really wanted to stick to our "old ways" of doing things philosophy, so I tested marbling leather with a bunch of leather scraps.  Some did not work at all, and some worked beautifully! I'm so excited to make more leather goods with our hand marbled leather.  

As you may know, I love, and I mean LOVE crocheting!  Obviously our store will be stocked with cowls, infinity scarfs, and hats!  Personally, I love fun accessories that can change my wardrobe staples into fun new outfits!  We've designed crochet hooks, tapestry needles, and knitting needles that are all hand carved out of beautiful oak; you'll see them this Fall!  As much as we love making books and leather goods, we love the tools we use just as much.  

We've designed wallets, coin purses, card holders, and other fun leather accessories; I'm so excited about these.  We've also designed waxed canvas and leather bags for the creative person!  A bag that holds a creative's tools and supplies neatly and functionally, but with flare!  The tool wraps we've designed will help with that too! 

Of course our usual suspects will be there:  Journals, bookplates, our 1830 Book of Mormon Facsimile, and other beautiful Facsimiles.  I'm so excited for all that's coming; we're counting down the days until September 23 with excitement and anticipation!  Until then, we'll be in the studio making A LOT of stuff.