Limited Supply: Leather Wallets & Card-Holders

I'm excited to offer some of our wallets and card-holders right now on our Etsy Shop!  These are considered limited because the type of leather they are made out of isn't available in large quantities.  Grab them while they're available!

See the shop HERE!

Only Three of these babies available!

They are made out of cow hide, with four pockets for credit cards, and a separate pocket along the length of the wallet for cash!  The sides are secured together with PVA glue and rivets.

The wallets have just a bit of tooling which gives a nice minimal, but professional finish.  The leather is conditioned and polished so the wallets will last a long time.  The edges are also treated with professional leather edge sealant.

There are only two of these available!

All of our wallets are made the same as far as tooling, conditioning, and edge sealant.  These two wallets are made out of cow hide in a chocolate brown color.

These two wallets will always be available! 

They are cordovan (rich dark brown) and navy blue, but they are also available in ox blood (dark red), dark brown, light brown, and black!  The texture in the leather will vary. 

Just one of these beauties available right now.

Just one of these little navy blue coin purses available right now.

One of these available and I won't have this leather again in the future!

(By the way, you can just click on any of the images to see the Etsy listing.)

There are two of these card holders left!

These are made with two pockets, treated, and the edges are sealed as well!

Just one of these available right now.

We've been having a blast making these and we hope you enjoy them!

Have a great weekend!