Handmade Leather Earrings: Chevrons, Side-Lines, & Crisscrosses!

If you follow our Instagram page or my Facebook page, you know I've been working on fun little leather earrings lately!  Sunday evening I needed a break from making wallets and decided to make something else. 

I came up with these gems!

I make these out of our book leather scraps:  If you know anything about the leather world, you know that book leather is the best leather out there!  It's also pretty pricey, and I can't stand to see an ounce of it not used!

I hand cut, dye, tool, and condition the leather.  I add a bit of acrylic to make the tooled pattern pop!  I've had a lot of fun making these, and though these were not part of our original roll-out  coming September 23, they will be a part of our grand opening now!