A Drive into Dallas: Lakeside Park.

Joseph and I work from our home and so cabin fever sets in real fast for us!  We come from Utah, and we lived in Cache Valley, which is to say we lived in the mountains.  It took mere minutes to head to the hills and spend time with nature, rolling rivers, and wildlife!  

Moving to the big city was a huge culture shock for us, to be honest.  We have to drive at least 20 minutes to get out of the city into what we would consider "nature".  But the one thing I absolutely love about Dallas and it's surrounding suburbs are all of the awesome parks and walk-ways!  Basically city planning at it's finest!

Today I didn't feel like driving too far, but we needed to get out of the house, so we hit one of our favorite parks:  Lakeside Park.  Highland Park, is the absolute most beautiful neighborhood in Dallas in my opinion, I can't even describe how lovely the homes are, and Lakeside Park runs through the middle of it.  

We went to church this morning, spent some time outside this afternoon, and now we're back to work!  Have a great day friends!