Busy Busy. . .

I haven't been ignoring my blog on purpose, I promise!  We've been so busy with restoration work, making our leather goods for our online shop, and in the middle of all of this, I decided to be a good aunt and went to my nieces wedding in Utah last week.  I spent a week visiting family and having fun with my mom while I was there.  I literally haven't had the time to fill anyone in on whats been going on around here!  Let me reassure you though, everything around here is fantastic! 

Next week, September 23, is our grand opening of our online shop!  We're so excited, and we hope you'll enjoy all of the beautiful things we've made!  Christmas is just around the corner, hint, hint.  ;)

These pretty leather accessories are just some of the fun things that will be available next week!

This week we're giving away a 10 pack of our original bookplates!  To enter the giveaway, just share or re-post the above image on Instagram or Facebook.  Use #EHhandcrafted3 if you re-post one of your own photos.  You'll find the original post about the giveaway to share already on Instagram and Facebook!  On Friday we'll draw a winner!

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