R/EVOLUTION 2015: Instagram Print Exchange


Joseph and I are hosting our first annual Instagram print exchange!  Traditionally Joseph and his friends organize and invite fellow artists through email.  This year we thought it would be fun to open this print exchange to fellow artists on Instagram.  

(A print exchange:  Each artist will pull an edition equal to the total number of participants, and receive in return one print from each of the participants.) 

The Theme:  R/EVOLUTION.  This is a play on words revolution and evolution; revolution being a forced change, and evolution being a natural gradual change.  Thinking about these words and their meanings and your own experiences, beliefs, and observations; what will your image become?  

Dates & Deadlines:  

  • Enter by February28, by leaving your email address in the comments of this blog or email us directly at EidolonHouse@Gmail.Com.  After February, we'll tally up the number of participants and email everyone directly the number of editions they'll need to pull.
  • Editions need to be received by May 1. (I'll email all participants our address directly.)

Guidelines & Restrictions:  

  1. Each print must be pulled by hand.  (i.e. no digital prints and no photography.)
  2. Paper size - 5"X8".  (Bleed image allowed.)
  3. Materials used need to be archival.
  4. Use hash-tag #revolutionexchange2015 for sharing your process photos.  Please don't post a photo of the finished image.  Half the fun of a print exchange is the surprise of opening that packet full of prints and seeing them for the first time.  Once all editions are received by the artists, we will divide them up between all the participants and mail them out.  Only after the participants have received their prints will we then publish images of the finished prints to our hash-tag.
  5. Please include an artist statement about yourself and/or your piece with your editions. 
  6. We'd love at least 15-20 participants!  

As a participant you do have an option to buy a box we're making to hold all the editions for $25.  Send in payment for the box when you send us your editions if you want one. 

You're welcome to invite friends you know who would want to be involved, If you have additional questions feel free to send us an email direct at EidolonHouse@Gmail.Com.

Happy Printmaking!

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