Crossing the Bench Lately: Clamshell Boxes

The last Crossing the Bench post I wrote was all about restoration work.  This time we've been busy making clamshell enclosures, with only a couple restoration projects.   These boxes turned out beautiful too!  We made a full leather box, half-leather box, leather spine box with a hidden tray, a cloth box,  and a cloth slipcase with a leather label.  We also rebound a book in a beautiful speckled and treed calf, and we reattached a front board on a book.  We've been busy and loving every minute of it!

We added a new Resources & Links page to our website!  We're sharing some of the great suppliers we go to for our materials.  We also added links to great information about book appraisers, dealers, book collecting, and so much information!  

Resources & Links