1562 Geneva Bible: Restoration of a First Folio Edition

We can't say enough how much we love our job!  Having the opportunity to preserve these amazing books is sometimes indescribable.  The people buying, selling, and collecting these books however, are often just as amazing as the books they're peddling.  We really do get to work with some incredible people, and that too is another reason why we love our job.  When our clients turn into good friends, and hang up the phone saying "love you brother", I mean really. . . now you want our job too don't ya?

This Geneva Bible is a special book and we were honored to give it a period accurate binding complete with custom made paste papers, resewn on raised cords with laced in wooden boards, hand embroidered end bands, and handmade brass clasps.  Not to mention a leather cover filled with blind tooling that will last hundreds of years to come!  We used all archival techniques and materials as to keep it's value intact.