Wilford & Phebe Woodruff: Custom Clamshells, Letters, & Silver Spoons.

A few months ago we were able to transcribe a rather long hand written letter from Wilford Woodruff (The 4th President of the LDS Church) to his wife Phebe.  He was serving a mission for his church in London England and she was home with their children and her family in the U.S.  For the most part the letter was just cataloging his journal to her; the most interesting thing about the letter was seeing how he wrote her name!  He addressed her several times throughout the letter and every time he wrote her name he'd underline her name, sometimes two and three times, and once in awhile he'd draw a doodle by her name.  Something about how often he wrote her name and how through his writings emphasized her name told us just how much he missed and loved her.  He told her as much in the letter too, but seeing the handwriting was all very sweet somehow.  In this day of texting and emailing, handwritten letters are a thing of the past, and love letters? well, love letters are going to be something I'll only tell my grandchildren about. ;)

If you're wondering, a client of ours happens to be one of the largest Mormon/LDS rare book dealers, and so we have the opportunity to work on some of his amazing finds.  Actually all of our clients either collect or sell amazing rare books, which is why we get to show off great pieces of history.  

Through the Woodruff Family history stories, it's been said that Phebe's parents gave her and Wilford Woodruff a set of silverware with Phebe's initials engraved on each piece as a wedding gift.  Our client was able to acquire two of these spoons and asked us to make boxes for them.  We love making boxes for objects other than books, having the box look and store as a book is awesome.  There's something fun about opening a "book" and finding an antique!