A Month For Buying Books: NY Antiquarian Book Fair & Auctions!

We think every month is a great month for buying books, but April is a bit special simply because it's Spring, and because the New York Antiquarian Book Show is happening, and many auctions are selling fantastic books and manuscripts as well as antique collectables.  

Mark your calendars, book collectors!  Use the links we've listed below to look into each auction and find your treasure!  

April 7-10 - New York Antiquarian Book Fair.


April 5-6 & more throughout April - Sotheby's.  

April 6 - Heritage Auctions.  Heritage also has weakly internet auctions.  

April 7 & 21 - PBA Galleries.  

April 11 - Bonhams.  

April 12 - Swann Auction Galleries.   

April 14 - Antiquarian Auctions.

April 21 - Dreweatts Bloomsbury

If auctions aren't your thing, rare booksellers will take care of you!  Search The Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America for a booksellers by state.  You can also search for booksellers near you through The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers, and checkout The Independent Online Booksellers Association.   

For more links to awesome online resources about books and buying books make sure to checkout our Resources & Links page!

Happy Book Buying!