Antique Flax Box Spinner


We thought it would be fun to share about our 19th Century Flax Box Spinner we recently picked up from a local antique shop. We filmed a short clip showing off this rustic piece of history for anyone who may be interested. 

The crazy thing is, I actually saw this spinner over a year ago, sitting on a top shelf collecting dust and cobwebs at a local antique shop. I thought to myself, "what a strange looking tool box". Since getting into spinning wool and learning about all the different kinds of spinning wheels and spindles, I now know what the funny looking box is! I told Joseph, I knew where one was, and crossed my fingers it was still collecting dust on that shelf at the antique shop, and it was!  

We have found a lot of conflicting information about this spinning wheel on the Internet, and conflicting information on how to use it. We've seen some describe it as a "kick spindle spinning wheel", but that description doesn't seem to fit the structure. We found a group of online spinners talking about it, and they assumed it is a bobbin winder, but it would be a terribly inefficient one.  We found a video of a women demonstrating how to use it on her table top, and that's about it. There are a couple listed on eBay, but again, not much information about them specifically. We do know they were made in about the mid to late 1800s principly in Eastern Europe. We'll keep researching, because it will bother me until I know more specifics about its origin. Either way, I'm happy we snagged this one to add to our collection!