“Bellwether”, oil on canvas, 2018.

Spring of 2017 I took this photo of Hettie, our flock’s leading lady, and I just love it so much! She has such a sweet face yet a strong one.  Later I asked Joseph if he’d do a painting of the photo, a kind of loose painting with a lot of texture, and I wanted the painting to be really big.


So he bought some canvas, built a frame and prepped the canvas secured to the frame he built. He reserved Sunday evenings for painting and the project began. 

He chose to use oil paints and built up layers and layers of paint using a palette knife and a paint brush to create and refine the image of our sweet bellwether, Hettie. The painting is 3’x3’ square. 

I couldn’t be happier with the painting! It’s just beautiful; something we’ll have in our home forever!  

Here are a few photos showing the process of his painting and the finished piece, although photos don’t do it justice.  


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