Brass Tools by Eidolon House!


If you know my wife you know that as soon as she decides she wants to do something she basically becomes obsessed with it (remember when those sheep showed up so she could learn about wool and how to process it from animal to yarn?).

Last year she became obsessed with brass and the tools I use for my bindings; so much that on our way home from participating in the East Texas Fiber Fest, she says to me, and I quote, “that was fun, now moving on to brass”, and of course I was on board as I’ve never met a bookbinder who isn’t obsessed with brass.

I’ve designed beautiful tools that we’ll make available to the public throughout the year beginning in a couple weeks; everything from tools specific for restoration to tools specific to countries and time periods, and of course fun modern designs too! We’ve been having so much fun designing and making these tools, I can’t wait to share them with you. #brasstoolsarecoming.🎉