Crossing the Bench: Custom Enclosure with Fore-Edge Painting.

A few months ago I posted a video of a concealed fore-edge painting I did on an old book.  This sparked an idea for a client of mine who quickly sent me a text asking if I could do a fore-edge painting on an enclosure rather than a book; I said sure why not, and this is what became of that text.

First of all the tooling on the leather cover was too much fun; it was one of those projects that I just got lost in and spent a few more hours doing than I should’ve. 

The painting on the top fore-edge tray is of the Kirtland Temple before later changes were made to the exterior. The bottom fore-edge tray painting is landscape tying both the top and bottom trays together. 

This was such a fun project; I see more enclosure fore-edge treatments in my future.