Crossing the Bench: Enclosure for "Response to Modern Gratitude", 1802.

We had the opportunity to build a custom enclosure for this pamphlet, "A Letter from Richard Raynal Keene to Luther Martin. . . ", 1802.  We hand dyed the calf leather we used on the spine and corners of the enclosure.  We used custom hand marbled paper that we made for our period bindings.  

This pamphlet was a response to Luther Martin's "Modern Gratitude", published by Luther Martin in 1802 about Richard Keene.  Richard Keene was Luther Martin's law clerk who fell in love with Martin's daughter Eleonora.  Keene and Eleonora eloped after Martin forbade them from getting married; this betrayal is what provoked Luther Martin to publish his pamphlet about Richard Keene.    

Keene was very hurt by his father-in-law's treatment of his own daughter as well as himself, and while he had previously determined to ignore Luther's insults, he felt that this time Martin had gone too far.  In his and his wife's defense he published his response to "Modern Gratitude".  

Read Luther Martin's "Modern Gratitude:

Here is information about Richard Keene's response, so you can find a copy for yourself.

You can find a scanned copy of Luther Martin's "Modern Gratitude" on Archive.Org.