Easiest DIY 10' X 8' Bookcase Ever Built.

We built a pretty spectacular bookcase this Summer and we thought we'd share how we built it for those of you who are into DIY projects that don't cost an arm and a leg.  We kept costs below $100!

The bookcase is held together by threading the boards down galvanized pipes, and each shelf sits on a large bolt and nut.  That is basically the simple plan and assembly of it.   

Simply drill holes at each end and one in the middle of each board, drill holes down the length of pipe where you'd like your shelves to sit, and begin assembly.  Remember to put a bolt and nut in each hole of the pipe because that is what the board sits on.  The photos below show just how easy building this bookcase really is. 


We stained the pine wood with Espresso stain and painted the pipe, nuts, and bolts with bronze enamel to give the bookcase a more polished look.   

For safety purposes you should anchor your bookcase to your wall.  Home Depot has great options for metal brackets you can bolt to the shelves and the wall to ensure your bookcase doesn't fall forward if a small child should try to climb it.  We also included small metal braces joining each board to the one next to it, to ensure the shelf is solid, as it was far less expensive to use two narrow boards than one wide board for each shelf.  

Have fun designing and assembling your own bookcase!