Historical Rebind: 1611/13 "She" KJV Bible.

Before historical rebind - 1611/13 "She" KJV Bible.

Before historical rebind - 1611/13 "She" KJV Bible.

We had the pleasure of restoring and rebinding another 1611/13 King Jame Bible, "She" edition.  This will be our fourth!  It's always an honor to rebind these great historical books.  

We're pretty sure this cover is an original cover.  Our client however wisely wanted a new binding.  We saved the boards and are making an enclosure for them, which will stay with the book, I'm sure.  When rebinding a book this old, there is always going to be extensive paper conservation, which was the case in this book.  The cords were just okay, and we thought about leaving as much of the original cords as possible by splicing in new cord with the original.  When we thought about the time it would take to do that, we decided against it, also, new cords are better for the book than half rotten ones to ensure it will last another 400+ years.  

Here is the breakdown of the restoration and binding: 

  • Disbind, saving the original boards.
  • Paper mends throughout the text block.
  • Resewn text block with new cords.
  • New hand embroidered end-bands, aged to match  the original end-bands.
  • New binding in calf leather, hand dyed by us, on new wooden boards.
  • Historical leather tooling design in blind and gold. 
  • Just over 600 individual tool impressions (mostly on the spine).
  • Total time for this project 91 hours.