Homestead at Eidolon: Rabbit Play Yard

We've been wanting to build a little play yard for our rabbits since the day we brought them home.  We've been quite busy in the bindery restoring fantastic books and documents, so we decided to divide and conquer.  I tackled this project while Joseph finished up projects in the bindery.  

I am a girl, and so I like our homestead projects to match and look well put together;  just as if I were putting on an outfit for the day.  But we're on a tight budget so we had to get creative:  Buying fencing panels pre-made is convenient, but also pricey, so we hit Home Depot, our favorite store, and decided on building our fencing from scratch.  

The fence is only two feet tall; if the rabbits really tried they could technically jump over the fence.  But Angoras are not as jumpy as the other breeds of rabbits we've had in the past, thankfully; and playtime will be supervised. Building the fence small meant we could get three fence slats out of a regular 6' cedar slat, and that's where the savings came in.  The play yard is 8' X 8' or 64 square feet.    

Friday evening Joseph built a nice fire for me, and I got to work cutting the fence slats.  Saturday I assembled the panels and the gate.  I stained the gate, and put a clear sealant on the rest of the fence panels.  Sunday afternoon, Joseph and I assembled the panels into the cute play yard and stapled a plastic netting around it on the inside.  

Rabbit Approved!