Introducing the Angoras!

Our first animal addition to our little homestead here at Eidolon House is four beautiful angora rabbits, and we are so excited for this new adventure!  Rabbits are really sweet animals.  We had dwarf rabbits back on our homestead in Utah, and were completely heartbroken to leave them behind when we moved to Texas, (we gave the dwarf rabbits back to the breeder we got them from).

We have been getting into fiber arts and we both have a great interest in spinning wool to make yarn, string, felt, etc.  There is something really rewarding about beginning a craft or project from the very beginning of the process:  Raising the animals that produce the wool we make into yarn for our knitted or woven projects is just cool.  

We'd like you to meet our Angora rabbits!

This is Peaches.  She is a white mix English and French Angora.  

This is the ever so sweet Peaches.  

She is a white mix English and French Angora.  

This is the handsome Charlie Gimli.

He is a red mix English and French Angora.

This is the lovely Harriet.

She is a white mix English and French Angora.

This is our friendly giant Beans.

He is a chocolate mix English, Giant, & French Angora. 

We've been in collecting wool mode for now.  All that means is we brush them out about 3 times a week and save the wool that comes off of them.  Brushing them also ensures they stay clean and free of mats.  Angoras shed their wool naturally about every 3 to 4 months so brushing helps pull out all that under coat they're naturally shedding.  They love being groomed, and we love holding them and giving them treats while we brush them.  

Not all animal fur is classified as wool.  I feel like I should mention this because we've gotten interesting comments about saving dog and cat fur etc., which we have zero interest in doing.  While technically you can spin any kind of long fiber; when it comes to animal fiber, we're only  interested in what is commonly classified as wool.

Welcome to Eidolon House, rabbits!  We already love you!