1601 Geneva Bible Conservation & Restoration

The process of restoring a rare book can actually look really scary.  Often times to stop deterioration of a rare book it needs to be completely taken apart, carefully I might add, but taken apart to be fixed and restored properly.    

This bible was absolutely beautiful, even in it's worn condition, but it had severe water damage with loose pages falling out.  If we want it to last another couple hundred years, it needed to be restored.  

We removed the text block from the binding and cleaned up the spine and reattached the loose pages.  We replaced the warped water damaged board with a new one while preserving the original leather cover.  We consolidated and re-hydrated the leather cover, made new period appropriate paste downs as the old past downs were not original and tattered.  We replaced the bookplates, attached new ribbons, reattached the binding and the text block, fixed the end caps and corners, and finished with a nice polish.      

This bible is beautiful and a great piece of history that will now last a long long time!