Eidolon House Bindery Tour

Welcome! We're happy you're here! 


About a month ago Joseph and I were talking about how cluttered our bindery was feeling, and how it felt like everything was falling down around us, even after cleaning and reorganizing, and more reorganizing; we were just feeling like we needed a refresher of sorts, and so that is exactly what we did!  

We keep long work hours, and so it really makes sense to work out of our home, otherwise, we'd never be home, right?  When you spend the majority of your days and nights in one space, it's smart to make it useful and efficient, organized and clean, comfortable and beautiful.  I think we've put together a great bindery, library, sitting room; whatever you want to call it.  This is a place for us to create and continue to grow our small business!  

Bindery Tour in Photos

So much has happened since I last posted a blog.  The most notable happening is we moved!  We bought a little house in a little town east of Dallas.  We loved Plano while we were there, but if I'm being totally honest, Plano wasn't our speed.  We like dirt roads, big yards, old trucks, and nature buzzing all around us.  The best part about our new home is that all the bindery equipment is together in one room, except for the table saw and sanders of course!  Some equipment has to stay in an outdoor workshop separate from books and ephemera.  

Our philosophy when it comes to setting up a work space:  Your most used tools must be at arms length, such as bone folders, leather conditioner, glue pots, leather dye, dividers, rulers, brushes, tissue papers, etc.  Our work bench may look cluttered and our shelves are packed with supplies, but when I'm in the middle of a project, nothing is more annoying than having to stop to find where I put a tool I need.  More often than not, during a restoration project I need a tool or material I didn't think I'd need, and I want everything near me and easy to grab.  Everything has its place, but it's place is very near my bench.  


Putting Down Roots: Wills Point Texas!

We moved to Texas almost two years ago from a very small town called Lewiston, in the great state of Utah.  We loved our small homestead there, and it was very hard to leave it.  We moved to Plano, and started our restoration business pretty much as soon as the boxes were unloaded from the moving truck.  Almost two years later, we've literally grown out of our small place.  We've been exploring all over Northern Texas every free moment we could take, trying to decide where we'd like to put down roots.  There are several wonderful small towns outside of Dallas that made our approved list.  A few months ago we were even entertaining the idea of moving back to Utah!  

After long conversations and writing a very intricate pros and cons list between Texas and Utah, complete with a rating system, we decided to stay in Texas.  The search for the perfect small town near Dallas was back on!     

We'd had a couple homes on our wish list when we found this cute little home in Wills Point.  Wills Point was our cut-off city, as far as distance from Dallas, and wouldn't you know that's where we found the perfect home!

Our kids are going to love it, we have plenty of room for our business, and we'll begin homesteading again this summer!  We're blessed with awesome clients who collect even more awesome rare books and understand the importance of conservation!  We're even more blessed with Joseph's talents, and that he has worked his butt off so we can put down roots and build a life in beautiful Wills Point Texas!  

Building a Workbench/Type Cabinet

Last week I had the hankering to rearrange the workshop and utilize space we haven't been using in our apartment.  In order for my master plan to work we needed a better solution for all of Joseph's type and his hot press stamp machine.  So in true Joe fashion he designed a workbench and type cabinet in one.     

Workbench 5.jpg

We went to Home Depot, purchased supplies, and Joseph went to work! 

The whole table was built with mortise and tenon joints!    

The workbench is absolutely beautiful and functional!