Spring in Texas 2018 Edition. . . .


When the Bluebonnets start popping up it means Spring has arrived in Texas.  Every year we take a day to drive The Bluebonnet Trail in Ennis Texas; we take in the beautiful views, gawk at all the wild flowers, and even stop to say hi to a few horses and a donkey.  

I love this tradition of ours.  We talk about our kids, goals, hobbies, animals, work, and we always come home feeling inspired and renewed.  As with any job, even the cool ones I'm sure, day after day at the work bench can become tiresome.  Joseph can get so lost into his projects that he forgets to eat (weird), but I feel rather stir crazy if I have to stay home day after day.  Traditions like these have become a kind of life-line for me.    

Bright and early this morning our sweet Mable gave birth! We have a new sweet baby girl on the homestead; nothing is sweeter than baby lambs hopping around the yard in Spring. 


Spring at Eidolon House

We never experienced such beautiful Spring seasons until we moved to Northeast Texas.  Spring is our favorite season; there's nothing like watching all the trees, grass, and flowers come back to life, although our allergies might have a different opinion about that.     

Our biggest task this Spring was getting our property ready for our garden, adding a chicken yard, and more rabbits. We burned A LOT of dead rubbish; it's hard work taking care of a large yard, but we're up for that task!

While clearing out a lot of dead vines, branches, and twigs, Joe was attacked by some poison ivy.  By the way, poison ivy will still get you even if there aren't leaves on the vines.   

It wouldn't be Spring in Texas if we didn't show off our beautiful wildflowers and Bluebonnets. 

We cooked and tried poached eggs for the first time ever this Spring, and they were delicious!!! 

For the past four and half months we've been collecting a lot of wonderful wool from our angora rabbits, and we've started spinning their wool using our drop spindles, and we couldn't be more addicted! Spinning wool, making yarn, and of course taking care of cute rabbits is so much fun!

We hope y'all are enjoying your Spring season!  Now back to the books for us!