Crossing the Bench: Custom Enclosure with Fore-Edge Painting.

A few months ago I posted a video of a concealed fore-edge painting I did on an old book.  This sparked an idea for a client of mine who quickly sent me a text asking if I could do a fore-edge painting on an enclosure rather than a book; I said sure why not, and this is what became of that text.

First of all the tooling on the leather cover was too much fun; it was one of those projects that I just got lost in and spent a few more hours doing than I should’ve. 

The painting on the top fore-edge tray is of the Kirtland Temple before later changes were made to the exterior. The bottom fore-edge tray painting is landscape tying both the top and bottom trays together. 

This was such a fun project; I see more enclosure fore-edge treatments in my future.  


Crossing the Bench: Historical Rebind with a Concealed Fore-Edge Painting & Graphite Edge Treatment.

When my client asked for a fore-edge painting on a historical rebind, I was pretty excited! I had the freedom to choose the image and the treatment, which is always nice, but can be nerve racking too. 


This book is an 1876 Doctrine and Convenients that once had a ratty old cloth binding; now it's bound in the way it always should have been, in our opinion, because the cover of a book really should always be beautiful, and probably always leather. 


We rebound the book in calf leather that we hand dyed, then tooled the spine and boards with a classic 19th Century Design. The center tooling on the spine is a build up of a smaller tool, which is one of my favorite ways to tool on leather.  


We marbled these lovely French Curl end sheets, and Joseph painted a landscape image of the LDS Nauvoo Temple. He then concealed the painting with a graphite edge treatment. 

We gave this book the VIP treatment, and we loved every minute of the restoration project.   We thought it would be fun to film a short video of the graphite edge treatment process, and the reveal of the fore-edge painting. Enjoy, fellow book lovers!