Spring is Beginning to Hatch at Eidolon House!

Spring is beginning to hatch here in our small town of Wills Point, and I'm so excited! Spring in East Texas is amazing!  There is so much life and greenery here, and I love watching everything come back to life after winter.  I do feel like winter sort of skipped Texas this year, although I'm not complaining about that at all.  

We've added six chicks to the Eidolon House ecosystem, and I couldn't be more excited about that.  They are two days old, and a few of the little cuties were ready for their close up today.  A few blooming trees and wild flowers around my neighborhood were ready for their close up today too!  Enjoy a bit of Spring as you scroll through the photos.  

Aaaannnnndddd, a photo shoot with animals wouldn't be complete without a little poopie. 

Spring at Eidolon House

We never experienced such beautiful Spring seasons until we moved to Northeast Texas.  Spring is our favorite season; there's nothing like watching all the trees, grass, and flowers come back to life, although our allergies might have a different opinion about that.     

Our biggest task this Spring was getting our property ready for our garden, adding a chicken yard, and more rabbits. We burned A LOT of dead rubbish; it's hard work taking care of a large yard, but we're up for that task!

While clearing out a lot of dead vines, branches, and twigs, Joe was attacked by some poison ivy.  By the way, poison ivy will still get you even if there aren't leaves on the vines.   

It wouldn't be Spring in Texas if we didn't show off our beautiful wildflowers and Bluebonnets. 

We cooked and tried poached eggs for the first time ever this Spring, and they were delicious!!! 

For the past four and half months we've been collecting a lot of wonderful wool from our angora rabbits, and we've started spinning their wool using our drop spindles, and we couldn't be more addicted! Spinning wool, making yarn, and of course taking care of cute rabbits is so much fun!

We hope y'all are enjoying your Spring season!  Now back to the books for us! 

Homestead at Eidolon: Rabbit Play Yard

We've been wanting to build a little play yard for our rabbits since the day we brought them home.  We've been quite busy in the bindery restoring fantastic books and documents, so we decided to divide and conquer.  I tackled this project while Joseph finished up projects in the bindery.  

I am a girl, and so I like our homestead projects to match and look well put together;  just as if I were putting on an outfit for the day.  But we're on a tight budget so we had to get creative:  Buying fencing panels pre-made is convenient, but also pricey, so we hit Home Depot, our favorite store, and decided on building our fencing from scratch.  

The fence is only two feet tall; if the rabbits really tried they could technically jump over the fence.  But Angoras are not as jumpy as the other breeds of rabbits we've had in the past, thankfully; and playtime will be supervised. Building the fence small meant we could get three fence slats out of a regular 6' cedar slat, and that's where the savings came in.  The play yard is 8' X 8' or 64 square feet.    

Friday evening Joseph built a nice fire for me, and I got to work cutting the fence slats.  Saturday I assembled the panels and the gate.  I stained the gate, and put a clear sealant on the rest of the fence panels.  Sunday afternoon, Joseph and I assembled the panels into the cute play yard and stapled a plastic netting around it on the inside.  

Rabbit Approved!

Introducing the Angoras!

Our first animal addition to our little homestead here at Eidolon House is four beautiful angora rabbits, and we are so excited for this new adventure!  Rabbits are really sweet animals.  We had dwarf rabbits back on our homestead in Utah, and were completely heartbroken to leave them behind when we moved to Texas, (we gave the dwarf rabbits back to the breeder we got them from).

We have been getting into fiber arts and we both have a great interest in spinning wool to make yarn, string, felt, etc.  There is something really rewarding about beginning a craft or project from the very beginning of the process:  Raising the animals that produce the wool we make into yarn for our knitted or woven projects is just cool.  

We'd like you to meet our Angora rabbits!

This is Peaches.  She is a white mix English and French Angora.  

This is the ever so sweet Peaches.  

She is a white mix English and French Angora.  

This is the handsome Charlie Gimli.

He is a red mix English and French Angora.

This is the lovely Harriet.

She is a white mix English and French Angora.

This is our friendly giant Beans.

He is a chocolate mix English, Giant, & French Angora. 

We've been in collecting wool mode for now.  All that means is we brush them out about 3 times a week and save the wool that comes off of them.  Brushing them also ensures they stay clean and free of mats.  Angoras shed their wool naturally about every 3 to 4 months so brushing helps pull out all that under coat they're naturally shedding.  They love being groomed, and we love holding them and giving them treats while we brush them.  

Not all animal fur is classified as wool.  I feel like I should mention this because we've gotten interesting comments about saving dog and cat fur etc., which we have zero interest in doing.  While technically you can spin any kind of long fiber; when it comes to animal fiber, we're only  interested in what is commonly classified as wool.

Welcome to Eidolon House, rabbits!  We already love you!