Leather Drop Earrings

Actually I call them Tri-Circles, because the sides are straight angles rather than rounded.  I've been loving the drop earrings other makers are selling, but I wanted mine to be different. 

My drop earrings are made from beautiful leather, some soft calf leather, some from treated cow leather.  I tool the front side with vertical or horizontal line patterns which give them a modern and unique look.  They are all treated with leather conditioner and edge treatments to ensure longevity. 

Take a look!

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Shapes & Sizes: The Right Earring Shape for the Shape of your Face.

I've been obsessed with making fun leather earrings lately.  If you're friends with me on Facebook, you already know about my obsession.  A lot of people have expressed interest in buying them, which is fun for me!  I'm happy that I am making something other people like!  I mean, I can only make so many earrings for myself. 

When I began making earrings, I did a little research into sizing and shapes; the best sizes and shapes for the shape of your face.  Some people like big earrings, some people like small earrings.  If you have long hair and wear your hair down, you might need to wear bigger earrings, so they're not hidden in your long locks.  If you have really short hair, you may not want to wear over sized earrings.  What about the shape of your face?  I don't want to wear earrings that make my head or chin look huge.  I may be over thinking this, but these are the sort of things I look into when I'm deciding on the shape and sizes of the earrings I make. 


I found this chart on the internet that shows you the best shape of earrings for the shape of your face.  I thought it would be fun to offer other shapes of earrings other than circles, so I made diamond shaped earrings.  They're colored and designed in the same patterns as my circle designs, but the different shape offers another option. 

I've been having a blast making these, and I'm so happy that so many of you have expressed interest in them.  These will be included in our online store; our store officially opens September 23! 

You'll also see these leather cuffs in our store too! 

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