Waxing & Burnishing Marble Paper

In the old days marble paper makers waxed their papers, and I mean WAXED their papers.  They waxed them to enhance the colors and to protect them. 

We've come to find that reading old books about the history of marbling paper are the best resources for learning how to do it.  We've enjoyed learning about marbling paper, and we've really enjoyed doing it ourselves, it's so much fun! 

We figured out an easy way to wax and burnish our papers:  We used beeswax and a warmed copper brayer that Joseph made to help melt the wax for easier spreading ability.  I then burnished or buffed the papers like a crazy women!  It was a lot of work actually, but I think it was worth it. 

Here's a look at some of our recent favorites! 

We've made so much marbled paper that we're going to sell them in packs rather than just one page at a time!  The paper packs will be available at our grand re-opening on September 23.

A Sampling of our Marbled Paper. . .

If you follow our Instagram feed or our Facebook page, you know we've been busy making beautiful monoprints of marbled paper!  Marbling is so fun, but at the same time the process can be really frustrating.  All stars must align correctly for marbling to work, but once those stars are aligned, marbling paper is a blast! 

Here is a small sample of the contemporary paper we made:

An Evening Marbling Paper

Joseph and I spent the evening marbling paper!  Marbling paper is really fun and frustrating at the same time.  I was not having luck tonight; I pulled more prints that didn't work than did.  Here are some of the prints we pulled tonight!

We hope you are all having a great week so far!

Handmade Holiday Cards

As I've mentioned before, HERE and HERE, I've been having a lot of fun with our marbled paper.  I decided to make our Christmas cards this year, I'm not the card maker of the family, that talent falls with my mother and my sister, but I had fun making these beauties.  I can stare at marbled paper for quite a long time, spotting different patterns, noting the different color variations within the layers of paint; marbled paper is beautiful. 

What do you think?


Can't get enough of marbled paper!

We've been having way too much fun with our marbled paper lately!  I must admit, I hate to cut up our beautiful paper, but once I make the first cut, the guilt is gone and the fun begins.  We've made notebooks, mini notebooks, gift tags, and greeting cards! 

Greeting cards

Greeting cards

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Mini Notebooks

Mini Notebooks



Gift Tags

Gift Tags

I have marbled paper for sale on our Etsy shop as well as notebooks and gift tags.  Take a look HERE!

What else could I make with our marbled paper?


Paper Marbling Extravaganza Indeed

This week Joseph and I were asked to marble paper for a project of a friend of ours.  We knew the request was out of our depth and before accepting the challenge to marble paper to specifications (that to this day we haven't met), we suggested that our friend seek out others in the marble paper world.  However, our friend was persistent and so we have been marbling paper like it's going out of style for the past couple of days.  Alas, I'm putting the paint away; we have dinner guests coming over today, and I need my dining room table back.  We ended up with well over 50 unique marbled papers!  I've put a few on our  Etsy shop, that a look HERE.  I wish these photos had better resolution; these pictures don't show just how rich the colors are! 


I have a feeling we'll break out the paints sooner rather than later and marble more beautiful designs and patterns; it's quite addicting.