Weekend Love

Like most everyone else, our family loves the weekend!  I am so happy it's Saturday morning, I'm typing this blog while the rest of my little family sleeps, and little do they know I'm making lots of plans for fun things to do this weekend!  I have delicious and easy meals planned to cook, lots of test projects to try, a few movies and shows to watch on Netflix, and crocheting of course.  Sunday after worship we have a nice ride planned; we'll be out and about hunting sunflowers and other fun things nature provides.  What I love most about the weekends though, if my husband wakes up and has something else in mind he'd like to do, I'm game!  There are no schedules on our weekends, and I love it!  

I've been crocheting a couple blankets these past few weeks and I'm almost finished with them!  I love the beginning and the end of crocheting blankets.  The middle portion of crocheting a blanket is kind of boring, and I always ask myself, "why am I making another blanket"?  But the feeling of finishing that last row, tying off, and looking at my finished project is oh so sweet! 

We hope y'all have a fantastic and safe weekend!