Random Happenings at Eidolon: Painting, Marbling Leather, Eco Dying.

We've been working on other projects here at Eidolon because, well, that's what we like to do around here.  We enjoying making things, testing new ideas, and fixing things up. 

I've been playing around with eco dying and eco printing, and it's a lot of fun!  I also thought it would be fun to combine my eco dyed fabric with embroidery.  Fiber arts are quickly becoming my favorites!

My next goal on a very long list of goals, is to learn how to sew.  I bought this sewing machine from my niece a few years ago, knowing that I wanted to learn how to sew.  My mom got this old typewriter table from our church a long time ago.  She painted it black when she used it, and I thought it needed a fresh coat of paint!  I've been using this table as our printer table, but now it's going to serve as our sewing table.  We live in a small space and this fits perfectly!

While we were marbling a bunch of paper a couple weeks ago, we played around with marbling fabric and leather!  Marbling directly on the leather worked out fantastically!  I can't wait to make many beautiful things with our marbled leather!

We hope you all are off to a great week!