There is Value in the Details: An educational newsletter for booksellers & collectors!


As conservators who have the pleasure of working with both booksellers and collectors, we often have an opportunity to add to the value of a rare book based on its print history, or binding style. Sadly, there have been times we've had to inform a client their book isn't as valuable as they thought based on those same details; print history or binding style. There truly is value in knowing simple details such as what year a specific font was invented, or different illustration styles (such as engravings, etchings, relief prints, etc.), tooling patterns, and types of leather used on a binding. 

With this monthly newsletter and quarterly webinars, we aim to bridge gaps in the details of historical bindings and printing, stream line information with helpful but simple white papers (cheat sheets), and broaden all of our knowledge base in the wide field of book collecting. Everyone should be able to pick up a book and know how old it is because of the binding style and materials used in the binding.  

We'll of course also discuss restoration and conservation trends of the past and present, how to identify specific damage, and if or how restoration can change the value of your books.  

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