Wool & Woolens at Eidolon House: Angora Wool for Fiber Arts.

We've been collecting wool from our sweet Angora rabbits for about five months now, and we have some to share with you!  Most of what we've collected we're using for our own projects.  You're welcome to shop our Wool & Woolens web-store HERE!  

Exciting news!  We're expecting a new litter of Angoras in a few weeks!  Wish us and Peaches good luck!  Although, I think she's going to be a great mamma.  

Here is a preview of the lovely wool we have available for fiber art enthusiasts! 

We sell our wool in 1 oz packs for $12.00 (not including shipping).  One ounce of angora fiber can yield up to 100 yards of spun yarn depending on how thick the yarn is spun.  Most spinners suggest blending Angora with another longer wool to ease hand spinning, but we've been spinning our Angora pure with drop spindles and the yarn has turned out great!  Check out the listings HERE!      

Happy Spinning!