Here at Eidolon House we do not disclose to the public the names of our clients or the specific owner of a specific book we're working on (unless we have permission, i.e. testimonials).  Respecting privacy is important to us, and we don't own the majority of the books shown.  The photographs posted on our website and social media are to demonstrate and showcase our craftsmanship.  We do appreciate and thank our clients who recommend and promote our work to fellow book collectors and dealers!  

"Books and manuscripts are like my children, and I cannot fathom leaving them in the care of anyone else other than Joseph and Jill at Eidolon House.  The detail in their binding and restoration work is both beautiful and historically accurate, a testament to their academic professionalism and their artisanal instinct."  H.S. Ayoub

Ethical conservation is important to us, and so all restoration and/or conservation is reversible as far as possible, and we're careful to use only archival materials.  We will not compromise the integrity of our craft simply to make repairs obvious, and so we keep records of all restoration work done, and can provide that information to the specific proven owner of any given book at their request.  

Sound conservation and/or restoration will increase a book's value more often than not.  If a 200 year old (or older) book's selling point is that it's "like new", "has never been worked on", or "unsophisticated" , that should be a red flag about the book's condition, not the fact that it has been worked on.  We're often baffled when we come across someone in the trade who is not open about a book's restoration, or even the need for it.  If you are looking into a particular book, we're happy to be a resource for you in determining what work may have previously been done on it, and what work needs to be done to ensure longevity.

"Unsophisticated:  Pure, genuine, unrestored.  If a book is so described, it can mean trouble as far as condition is concerned."   Abe Books


All of our facsimiles are signed by our maker's mark, which is a bee.  We either ink stamp or emboss it on the title pages.  

All images on this site were taken by Joseph and/or Jill Adams, therefore we own them.  Do not download any image without written consent.   Please respect copyright laws.