Welcome to Farm & Fiber at Eidolon House where you'll find there is more to us than rare books and antique documents.  Being good stewards of our land and home by using traditional skills and crafts of the past isn't just a hobby for us; it's a passion, and we're making this passion our way of life.

We  raise Angora rabbits because they are very cute, but also because they shed the most beautiful wool perfect for blending with other fibers and/or spinning into yarn.  We focus on compassionate grooming techniques to make sure our rabbits are happy and well cared for.  They give us their wool; the least we can do is provide a secure, healthy, and happy home environment.  

At Eidolon House the animal's health and happiness are always considered first, not wool production.  So if a rabbit is nervous, stressed, or even too hyper and wanting to play, we won't groom them.  Grooming is necessary to keep the rabbit healthy, but we rely on the rabbit to let us know when they're ready, and this method hasn't failed us yet.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Angora rabbits, and general care of rabbits out there.  We intend to show that ethical wool harvesting is possible and actually quite easy.  Not all rabbit breeds require the same care, and since we focus on Angoras, we'll show the differences between the care they need compared to other rabbit breeds.  

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Check out a few videos we've shared about our rabbit hutches and how we groom our angoras below.

We decided to go further down the rabbit hole (pun intended) of fiber arts and adopt four sheep, three Southdown, one Cheviot.  We're excited to learn more about sheep and their fleece.  They are so sweet, calm, and a perfect fit at Eidolon House. 

From left to right: Sunflower, Mable, Daisy, & Hettie.

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