Welcome to Farm & Fiber at Eidolon House where you'll find there is more to us than rare books and antique documents.  Being good stewards of our land and home by using traditional skills and crafts of the past isn't just a hobby for us; it's a passion, and we're making this passion our way of life. 

Fiber and textiles became a natural addition to our work in restoring rare books and ephemera.  As antiquarian conservators having the correct materials from a specific time period is important, but in today's age where digital devices and 3D printers are all the rage, finding the correct handmade wove paper, marbled paper with a 17th Century pattern, thread that resembles that of past centuries, and leather that isn't neon green can be challenging.   Because of the lack of readily available historical materials we taught ourselves to make and marble paper, spin thread, and hand dye leather.

From our need to learn these skills, interests, and passions, a lifestyle has evolved and combined with or love of homesteading and self-sufficiency. We raise Angora rabbits and Southdown sheep for their wool, which we harvest and spin into yarns and threads for our many projects.  We also have chickens, grow a small garden, and have the proverbial farm cats and dogs running around to keep us busy when we're not working in the bindery.  We do as much for ourselves with our own hand skills as physically possible; that's how things were done back in the day, right?  We've built every structure on our homestead by ourselves:  Rabbit hutches, chicken coop, sheep shed, fencing, etc.  We've learn about animal husbandry and take care of our animals from aiding in birthing lambs, to taking care of sheep when they fall sick, breeding rabbits, collecting their wool, and shearing our sheep.   We love putting in the work and time to build a functioning homestead that we can then thrive from, but also make sure our animals are taken care of the way we see fit.  

We've loved building our business and homestead together, and enjoy sharing our journey with y'all; we hope you enjoy sharing in our journey with us! 

See the story of us and where the name Eidolon House comes from HERE!

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