Services we specialize in:  Rare book and document restoration and/or conservation.  Custom enclosures that house antique items and collectible books and documents that may not be good candidates for restoration, rebinding, or mending.  Custom fine binding (rebindings of your favorite books, novels, or making a special blank book).  When our schedule permits, custom bookplate design and/or printing.   See full details of our services offered as you scroll down.     

We are passionate about preserving history through rare book and ephemera restoration and conservation, and so we're careful to marry archival methods and materials with a traditional period accurate approach.  This approach ensures that your items will be both properly and aesthetically repaired, and last for years to come. 

Having your rare and/or collectible books properly restored by a professionally trained and experienced conservator means more than just having your books repaired; archival restoration adds years to the life of your books, which will always add value.  Conservation trends are always changing, but the importance of ensuring history lasts never does.

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Our Ethics in Conservation & Restoration Statement HERE



Because damage varies with each book or document, preservation is priced based on the time it will take to restore an item.

Email us a few photos showing the damage, and we'll send an estimate (     

Restoration services include but not limited to:

  • Historical Rebinding.
  • General Cleaning & Stabilization.
  • Rebacking.
  • Spine & Board Repair.
  • Leather Restoration.
  • Text Block Consolidation and/or Resewing.
  • Cloth Binding Repair.
  • Gold Fill-In (using Shell Gold).
  • Facsimile Reproduction (using digital and/or traditional letterpress/engraving printmaking methods from the past). 
  • Handmade Brass Clasps & Hardware.

Paper conservation services:

  • Washing.
  • Flattening.
  • Mending.
  • De-acidification.
  • Encapsulation. 
  • Hand Coloring.

Custom Enclosures

Our custom enclosures are beautiful, sturdy, functional, and guaranteed to showcase your books or antique items, as well as protect them.  We combine hard wearing book cloth with high quality bookbinding leather to create long lasting, environmentally stable protection for your books and/or treasured items.

Leather enclosures come standard with tooled spines and boards, tooling in gold and/or blind.  

Cloth enclosures come standard with paper or leather labels on the spine or boards.

Types of enclosures we offer but not limited to:

  • Full Leather. 
  • Half Leather (leather spine w/leather corners, & boards covered in cloth or marbled paper).
  • Leather Spine (boards covered in cloth or marbled paper).
  • Cloth Enclosure.
  • Leather or Cloth Chemise.
  • Leather or Cloth Slip-case.
  • Leather or Cloth Portfolio.
  • Built-out / Over-sized Enclosures.
  • Enclosures with recessed trays and/or hidden compartments.

Fine Binding

Nothing sits in the hand like a beautifully bound book.  We take great pleasure in working with you to bind your favorite book, journal, personal scriptures, etc.  Our custom bindings are of the finest quality and are made to become family heirlooms.  Pricing begins at $250 depending on the design, materials used, and size of the book.   


Fine binding Includes but not limited to:

  • Full Leather Binding.
  • Half Leather Binding (leather spine with leather corners).
  • Leather Spine Binding.
  • Vellum Binding.
  • Hand Sewn Text Block (raised cords, recessed cords, link stitch, etc.)
  • Hand Sewn End-Bands.
  • Handmade Brass Clasps & Hardware.
  • Edge Treatments (colored edge, gauffering, fore edge painting).
  • Hand Marbled Paper or Paste Paper (for end-sheets and/or board covers). 
  • Doublures.
  • Hand Lettering & Calligraphy.
  • Engrossing.
  • Gold Tooling.
  • Silver Tooling.
  • Carbon Tooling.
  • Blind Tooling.


 See more of day-to-day life in the bindery HERE!

We understand just how important and literally irreplaceable the items you're entrusting us with are; some of our long time clients would be happy to speak with you.  To request references send us an email.  Also, see more about our background, experience, and education HERE.